Mike Matthias, LCSW
Barb Stutz, LCSW

Michael Matthias, LCSW

Mike has been a psychotherapist for more than two decades.  He works with a full range of clinical presentations, including life transition and adjustment issues, anxiety and depression, as well as substance abuse and marital issues.  Mike enjoys working with athletes of all kinds to figure out psychological issues that impact their ability to enjoy optimal performance.

Mike is especially interested in working with adults with diverse backgrounds that are hoping to understand how their past may inform their present yet does not have to rule their future.


Barb has been a psychotherapist for more than two decades. She is trained in systemic and strategic brief therapies and has a special clinical interest in psychodynamic theory.  Barb enjoys working with people in times of adjustment and transition.  She has experience treating a wide range of psychological and emotional issues including depression and anxiety and challenging dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics.

Barb believes a small change can be a large catalyst for positive growth.